Internal Bruising Signs, Symptoms, Bleeding and How to Heal

Internal bruising if not well dealt with could be dangerous. What are signs of internal bleeding? These are important to know so as to deal with internal bruising in stomach. It also helps in learning how to heal the internal bruises.

Is a Bruise Internal Bleeding?

Is a bruise internal bleeding? A bruise is caused by bleeding occurring under the skin. This bleeding mostly occurs when there is some trauma exerted on the body that causes injuries. However, there also are times when one could experience spontaneous bruises. Some people such as the elderly are more vulnerable to these bruises as their skin tends to be fragile and thinner as well.

In most cases, internal bruising is initiated by blunt trauma. This leads to physical compression which damages the blood vessels. This could be caused by accidents, surgeries and falls.  Platelets insufficiency or their malfunctioning could as well lead to this. Where the trauma exerted is strong enough to allow for the blood to escape from the tissues, this is not referred to as bruising but bleeding.

What Are Signs of Internal Bleeding?

Internal bleeding involves bleeding that cannot be seen on the outside of the body. It could occur within organs, tissues as well as in the body cavities such as stomach, chest and head.

For example, a bruised lung can bleed on the inside. Symptoms can show such as fractured and bruised ribs, but sometimes there are no external contusions.

The eyes, joints and muscles could also have their tissues hurt. It occurs where a vein or artery is damaged allowing blood to escape from the circulatory system and with time collect in the body.

While bleeding outside the body is easy to recognize, the same can be hard when internal bleeding is involved. It could go on for hours without being noticeable. As a result, the symptoms may only occur after significant bleeding or when a clot that is big enough to prevent the functionality of an organ forms. This being the case, what are the signs of internal bleeding?

The signs will depend on circumstances causing the bleeding which includes the location of the bleeding and amount of bleeding. The signs of internal bruising include:

Shock: This is exhibited by one having a low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, cool as well as sweaty skin     and a decrease in mental functionality. A person may seem confused. This occurs when enough blood has been lost to decrease amount available in the circulatory system.

Internal bleeding or internal bruising on knee and thighs
Internal bleeding or internal bruising on knee and thighs

Orthostatic hypotension: this refers to one becoming dizzy in case they try to stand. It could occur in a person who has had internal bleeding.

Pain:  The affectedarea will tendto be painful. This is caused by the fact that any blood thatleaks from a capillary tends to be irritating and leads to an inflammatory response. Where the bleeding is too much the pain will as well be a lot. It may be hard to localize it as well. Where the diaphragm has been hurt, the pain will be felt in the chest and may also radiate through the shoulder.

Light headedness, fainting and dizziness: Once enough blood has been lost, it is possible to experience these.

Purple coloration on skin: A large area that has its skin turn purple could be as a result of internal bleeding.

Swelling: This could be accompanied by some feeling of tightness and pain especially in the legs. The bleeding could be on the thighs. In most cases it is caused by a fracture of the thigh bone.

Internal Bruising Symptoms

Bruising does not only occur under the skin. It could also occur in deeper tissues, bones and organs. In case one suspects they could be suffering from internal bruising, it is important to visit a doctor as soon as is possible especially after injuries and accidents.

Deep bruising can be identified using various symptoms. These include:

  • Soft tissue swelling
  • Irritating sensation without any visible bruising
  • Difficulty walking in case of at high muscle bruise
  • Excessive pain

Internal Bleeding Bruise

Internal bleeding bruises may take a while before they are noticed. However, there are signs that one could lookout for. In case there is internal bleeding anywhere in the urinary tract, some blood will be seen in urine. In males, this is possible after prostrate surgery.

One could attain internal bleeding bruise in the muscles as well. This occurs when their tight linings are subjected to too much pressure. This causes blood not to be pumped beyond the muscle cells. One could experience great pain and have difficulties moving.

For patients on anti-coagulation medication, it is possible for bleeding to occur in joints. This as well tends to cause much pain and one does not have to have an injury to experience it. It makes bruising without injury common.

Internal Bruising Stomach

Internal bruising stomach results from abdominal bleeding. This could be hidden and only present itself in the form of pain. In case too much blood is lost, the patient will become weak, experience shortness of breath, decreased blood pressure and light headedness.

In severe cases, one may vomit blood. Where the bruising has occurred for awhile, the vomit could look like coffee ground. It is also possible to get blood in the stool. The stomach may also tend to feel rigid to touch and become tense.

How to Heal Internal Bruising

In case you are wondering how to heal internal bruising, the kind of treatment given will depend on a number of things. These include which part has been bruised, the stability of the patient as well as the situation.

The best way to start the process of healing internal bruising is by seeking immediate help. Have a doctor checkout the bruising to ensure all is okay. This is more so where the pain and swelling appear unbearable. Once proper medication and treatment has been offered, one should make sure that they take enough rest. this will ensure that the  healing process is hastened.

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