Bruised Eyelid Causes and Purple Unexplained Eyelid Bruises

What can you do when your eyelid feels bruised? The first step towards treating a bruised eyelid is by identifying how it came about. Bruising after eyelid surgery or sudden unexplained bruised eyelid require different forms of treatment. We explore the best.

Eyelid Feels Bruised?

An eyelid bruise is an injury or trauma that occurs to the eyelid and is often as a result of ruptured blood vessels. This leads to some discoloration on the eyelids. The causes of a bruised eyelid are many and could be as complex as some medical condition or the effects of medication.

Some of these include physical injury, blood infection, blunt trauma, anticoagulant trauma. These lead to redness of the eyelid, discoloration, discomfort ad at times pain. They eye could suffer from bacterial infection leading to a red bump commonly known as a sty. When infected, a stye can turn into a white bump on eyelid.

Eyelid injury could be caused by any trauma and could include burning, irritation, bleeding and eye pain. A hematoma on the other hand occurs when there is a collection of blood in tissue found outside a damaged blood vessel.

Another reason why one could suffer a bruised eyelid is as a result of allergic reaction. This is usually accompanied with a runny nose, sneezing, and hives. Rubbing of eyelids could make the skin look red. With time this could cause them to thicken and feel bruised.

A scratch which is also known as a corneal abrasion could cause a bruise on the eye. Eyelid inflammation causes the lids to become red, itchy and irritated. The presence of foreign object in the eye could cause the eyelid to feel bruised.

Sudden Unexplained Bruise on Eyelid

Sudden unexplained bruise on eyelid requires a detailed evaluation. Spontaneous bruising of the eyelid could be caused by blood vessels that are broken. An injury on the eye or its surrounding is the most common cause of bruise on the eyes. This though is not usually the case in unexplained bruises.

Some drugs alter the bleeding as well as clotting time. Such drugs include ibuprofen and aspirin. Corticosteroids when used over long duration will lead to the blood vessels becoming fragile.

This makes it easy for one to sustain unexplained bruises.In other cases, one could attain unexplained bruises from insect bite that went unnoticed. Also, as people age and wrinkles start showing on their skin, the eyelid shape as well gets distorted.

Bruising After Eyelid Surgery

As people age the skin becomes flawed and the need for improvement is likely to crop up. Surgery is one way through which the upper lid could have unwanted fat and skin removed.

The process involves an incision that is meant to follow the natural crease. This could as well be extended to the side of the eyelid into the laugh line and crow’s foot.

With the lower eyelid, the incision could be made beneath the lash line as well as from the inner side. With the inside approach, the scar left is invisible. It is best for patients who are young and do not require a lot of skin to be removed.

To make a blepharoplasty which is another name for an eyelid surgery have great final results, a brow lift could be done at the same time. This helps in the repositioning of tissues to their anatomical position.

With all these processes, bruising after eyelid surgery is inevitable. This could as well be accompanied with swelling. Within the first 48 hours, these will be at their maximum after which they start to subside.

The swelling could extend to a eyelid that was not touched during the surgery. That means one could experience swelling on the lower eyelid while the surgery was done on the upper part. The residual bruising that results could last between three to ix months after which they completely disappear.

To ease the bruising and swelling, make use of ice compresses for at least 24 hours. This can be done for up to 48 hours. Iced gauze compresses can be purchased at drug stores. The compress should be left on the bruises for 20 minutes after every one hour. Done diligently, this will help minimize the chances of one having a bruised eyelid and swelling as well.

Purple Bruise on Eyelid

While most eyelid bruises are caused by some form of trauma from simple and harmless events, it is possible to experience spontaneous purple bruise on eyelid. Where the cause of the bruising is trauma, ice compresses are the best remedy.

Bruised eyelid turns purple
Bruised eyelid turns purple.

It is also possible to experience insect bites leading to bruising. In such cases, infection could be easy to catch. It is therefore important to see a doctor when one is bitten.

Where none of the above is certain, the cause for bruising could have to do with blood disorders. A low platelet count could be a cause for spontaneous bleeding. To ascertain that this is the cause, a blood count test would have to be performed.

The blood’s coagulating factor is another reason why one may get spontaneous purple bruise on eyelid. When one has blood that is too thin, one gets easily bruised. Prolonged intake of ibuprofen and aspirin also has a negative effect on bruising and bleeding.

Evaluating the blood would be important to be certain about the causes of the bruised eyelid. This can be attained by running a simple blood test which can be offered by a primary care giver. Once the cause is found out, treatment becomes easy.

Bruised Eyelid Treatment

In most cases, bruises are minor and will rarely need the attention of a medic. Once it has been noticed, one could keep iced gauze on it. This is most effective in the first 24 hours. It helps ease the bruise as well as avoid swelling. This should be placed on the bruised eyelid for up to 20 minutes. The process can be repeated after one hour.

Wearing tinted glasses could help where the bruises come with a sensitivity of the eyes to light. These will also serve to hide the bruises and make one less conscious about the bruising. Eye sensitivity should be gone within two weeks.

Keep the head elevated also does help the bruising. This is because it prevents the pooling of blood around the damaged blood vessel. Sleep on a number of pillows to achieve this. Avoid activities  that bed the head as well.


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